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The Ghosts of Lacada Point, Causeway Headlands, County Antrim

The Ghosts of Lacada Point
Causeway Headlands, County Antrim

All photos © Andy McInroy

Lacada Point is a cruel talon of rock which juts out into the sea off the Giant's Causeway headlands. Access to the point is hazardous since the closure of the old lower cliff path in 1994. On a cold, stormy night in 1588, it was here that nearly 1300 men of the Spanish Warship, The Girona, lost their lives in the dark freezing waters. Only 5 men survived. The wreck site is on the right of this photograph. In 1967 a team of Belgian divers led by Robert Stenuit found the wreck and brought up much of the treasure which is now on display at the Ulster Museum.

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