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The Grey Man's Path, Fair Head

My photograph is based
on a classic photograph
c1902. Click thumbnail
above to compare.

The Grey Man's Path, Fair Head

The Grey Man's Path
Fair Head, Co. Antrim

Photo © Andy McInroy

The Grey Man's Path (or Fhir Leith) is a steep gully which allows a scrambling descent of 196m from the summit of the Fair Head right down to the sea. At some time in the distant past, a massive column of dolerite has fallen across the gully which gives it a unique doorway appearance. The Grey Man's path is named from a legend which tells how the gully is haunted by the devil horse of Lough Dhu which is also said to take the appearance of this grey man. The apparition is said to appear in this gully and along the clifftops when the mist rolls in from the sea. The grey man is said to reside below the waters of Lough Dhu, a small Lough on the summit of Fair Head.

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